About Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a dynamic & modern martial art that draws its roots from ancient traditions. It is FAST, EFFECTIVE & ADDICTIVE.

It successfully brings Health and Well-Being to millions of people accross the World!

It can help you too:

Taekwondo was formally created in the early 1960's and so is a very modern martial art, although much of Taekwondo's culture and tradition routes back thousands of years.

Practising Taekwondo is a super effective way to stay Physically Fit and Healthy:

It develops - Strength, Flexibility, Speed and Stamina.

It is also supurb for developing Excellent Mental Health:

It develops - Confidence, Self Esteem, Discipline and Focus.

Taekwondo is a martial art and is, therefore, a structured discipline that teaches the Art of Fighting

Through Taekwondo anybody can achieve the Skills, Focus, Body and Spirit of a fighter in a safe and friendly environment!

These skills are taught as a means of Self Defence, Personal Discipline, and as a Competitive Sport.

Taekwondo is often recognised for its dynamic movements, high kicks and modern styles.

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